1. Request your Free Appraisal Kit

Just call our toll-free number or complete this form to request your free Appraisal Kit. The kit will then be sent directly to your home with detailed instructions on how to safely send in your gold and valuables to us.

2. Securely Ship Your Items

1. Once you receive your Appraisal Kit, just complete the Customer Return Card with your list of inventory and information about the items you are shipping.

2. Place your items in the tamper-proof plastic bag that we provide with the Customer Return Card, and then add them to the bubble mailer.

3. Insert the bubble mailer into your provided envelope with the prepaid shipping label and return it to any United States Post Office.

3. Receive your payout in less than 24 hours

As soon as we receive your Appraisal Kit, you will receive a confirmation email.

One of our expert evaluators will examine your items and inventory list, then calculate the value based on the daily spot price, purity, weight, quality and more.

We will then send you a quote via email or over-the-phone and as soon as you accept the offer, we will send you a secure via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Company Check within 24 hours!

If you decline our offer, we will ship your items back absolutely free of charge

What We Buy

We Buy Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver & Diamonds

Jewelry & Precious Metals

  • Gold, Silver & Platinum
  • New, Used & Damaged
  • Luxury & Designer Brands
  • Dental Gold

Coins & Bullion

  • Gold, Silver & Platinum
  • Bars, Ingots & Rounds
  • Rare and Commemorative
  • Domestic & Foreign

Luxury Watch

  • Wrist & Pocket Watches
  • New, Used & Broken
  • Rolex, Patek Phillipe, IWC
  • Breitling, Cartier, & More

Diamonds & Gems

  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Jewelry with Gems
  • All Cuts, Colors, Clarity, Size

Not Sure what you have? Send it in for a free appraisal, you might be surprised at how high your offer is. If you're not 100% satisfied we'll send your items back free of charge!

Why Blue Ribbon Rarities

We are a trusted firm that has a vested interest in helping customers realize the most value for their assets. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Let our team of experts analyze your precious metals, jewelry, watches and coins.

Selling Your Gold

The Highest Paying Gold Buyer

Blue Ribbon Rarities is one of the nation’s most trusted precious metal, jewelry, watch and coin dealers. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau of New York, you can trust that your items will be safe and secure with us Our office is located in the heart of New York’s diamond and jewelry district which allows us to offer extremely competitive prices, up to 90% of the intrinsic value of your broker and unused jewelry. Our team of experts evaluate each item individually to determine if they are worth more than the intrinsic value and can be resold to our extensive worldwide client base. We will gladly pay top premiums for unique, interesting jewelry with diamonds and semi-precious stones. Selling your items to Blue Ribbon Rarities is easy, risk free, and convenient as you are in complete control of the process.

Frequantly Ask Questions

Is the Mail-In Kit free of charge?

Yes. The Mail-In Kit is completely free of charge. Simply, fill out our request form to get your Mail-In Kit now!

How do I use the Mail-In Kit?

Your Mail-In Kit will quickly arrive at the address you provided within an envelope mailer. Within the envelope you will find a personalized barcoded inventory list and receipt that will contain a tracking number and your order number, a pre-addressed postage paid label and a padded envelope for mailing back your items within the material safe bag. Simply complete the personalized barcoded inventory form and securely place your items in the padded mailer and drop it off at the nearest United States Post Office. Gryphon Precious Metals pays for all postage and insurance.

What if the Mail-In Kit does not fit all my items?

If the Mail-In Kit does not fit all your items then simply contact our Customer Service number and we will promptly mail you our large kit. If you believe that your items will not fit in our regular Mail-In Kit, then when you request your Mail-In Kit please ask for our large kit.

How do I get paid?

Once we determine the value of your items, we will contact you with our offer, once the offer is accepted we will promptly mail you a check the same business day. If requested payment can also be arranged through PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our offer, we will mail your items back free of charge.

Should I clean my items?

No! Older coins will lose most if not all their value if they are cleaned or polished. Silver plated items are more easily recognizable when tarnished and most collectors prefer the fine patina that Sterling Silver develops over time.

Is there any jewelry that you do not buy?

We buy all jewelry made of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium with or without diamond and gemstones. When evaluating your jewelry, we consider the potential resale value as well as the value of the diamonds and gemstones and will include it in our offer.

What kind of watches do you buy?

We buy all mechanical vintage and antique pocket and wrist watches both Men’s and Women’s. Vintage watches were produced prior to 1970. We are extremely competitive with our offers for Rolex, Piaget, Cartier, Omega, Tiffany, Audemars Piguet, Baume Mercier, Hamilton, Waltham, Elgin and many others. We do not purchase watches that contain batteries.

Do you buy Jade, Amber Or Coral?

Yes! We buy all Jade, Amber, Coral or items made from other precious and semi-precious stones and materials made into jewelry or sculptures.

Do you buy dental gold?

Yes! One Cap to Full Bridges, surprisingly there is good value in Dental Gold.

What if I am unsure that my item is made from precious metal?

Please feel free to send in any items that you are not sure about. We will determine if there is any value to your item and if there is not any value we will send your items back free of charge if requested.