Tiffany & Co Certified Platinum 1.02 Ct Diamond Round Solitaire Band Ring


Weight: 4.6 Grams
Stone: 1.02 Ct Round Brilliant H VVS2 Diamond
Face of Ring: 19.2 mm L x 7.5 mm W x 7.5 mm H
Ring Size: 4.5
Hallmark: Tiffany & Co. PT950. 1.02CT. 22366572
Estimated Replacement Value: S$21,588.80

-Tiffany & Co. Diamond Certificate-
Diamond Registration Number: 22366572/H09120013
Shape: Round
Cut: Brilliant
Measurements: 6.44 - 6.47 x 3.99mm
Carat Weight: 1.02 Carats
Color Grade: H
Fluorescence: None
Precision of Cut: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Clarity Grade: VVS2
Enhancements (Besides Cut/Polishing): None
Total Depth Percentage: 61.8%
Table Size Percentage: 58%
Crown Height Percentage: 14.9%
Crown Angle: 35.1°
Star Length Percentage: 55%
Pavilion Depth Percentage: 43.5%
Pavilion Angle: 41.1°
Lower Half Length Percentage: 80%
Girdle Thickness: Medium to Slightly Thick
Girdle Finish: Faceted
Culet: None
Crown Inscription: T&Co. H09120013
Girdle Inscription: None

ITEM #: BR-292-072420-01